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Going to college is one of the first decisions you make when stepping out on your own.  Sometimes the choices seem overwhelming.  If you haven't already watched my video series on "Living on a Single's Income" I would start there, but once you have narrowed down if it is a Bible College you want [...]


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I like to look cute and stay on top of current fashions without spending much more than $100 or so a year on my wardrobe.  In fact, for many years, the only clothes I got each year were from birthday / Christmas cash.  I had to learn to choose wisely and I am SO [...]

Are There Modest Shorts?

By |2021-04-03T14:46:58-06:00May 15th, 2018|Modest Fashion|

We are heading into spring and summer and I am looking at my wardrobe facing the same challenge I do every year; finding modest casual wear that isn't frying hot.  If you are like me and are concerned about modesty, you might be wondering "Are There Modest Shorts?"  This is something I have thought [...]

Balancing Modesty, Femininity and Function

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When you look at Balancing Modesty, Femininity and Function as a Christian female we have some special circumstances in our American culture.  We go water skiing, snow boarding, horse back riding, tend a garden, pull shrubs, fix sprinklers, shovel snow, mow yards, go swimming, do triathlons, play volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis and we can't do them [...]

Kiera’s Story – Where It All Began

By |2017-02-03T11:05:06-07:00May 14th, 2015|The Schworer Family|

  It is an intimidating thing to go from no children to that first child.  Essentially living with no children (from retrospect) is like two freedom loving young adults with very little responsibility and more money than you realize.  You only have to think about yourselves and your decisions don't affect many people.But then that [...]

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