This might be better called “The Baptist Girl’s Best Wardrobe Pieces.”  Why?  Because we have needs that are unique to the rest of our culture.  Not many people have 6 or more dresses in their wardrobe that they wear regularly.  A lot of wardrobes on the internet are focused more on what to wear to the office and mine is more focused on people who go to church three times a week, and a lot who wear skirts throughout the week as well.

But what else makes my perspective unique is that I have three daughters and I basically have had to buy an entire wardrobe for them each year and each season since they were born because until recently they grew out of everything each year.  Now that they are in high school, I know what they need in a wardrobe and what they don’t and I am going to share that with you.  


If I boil it down, you could make yourself a checklist of about 6 dresses, 6 skirts, 5 casual bottoms, 20 shirts (this includes summer and winter) and 5 coats / jackets.  Here goes …


I personally try to buy a nice dress each Easter.  It follows some guidelines, like:

  1. It must be a shape that I know flatters the my natural figure.
  2. It needs to have some kind of sleeves so that I don’t have to find a cardigan to go over it.
  3. I can’t have one very similar to it already.
  4. It’s a fabric that doesn’t cling, scratch or will pick easily.

But if it meets those qualifications, than here are the six basic dresses I like to have in our wardrobes.

  1. Knee length, wrap dress.  (Wrap dresses are universally figure flattering).
  2. Long, wrap dress. (I feel like a white, cream or pastel one like this or this is so beautiful)
  3. A bold, statement dress like this, this, or this that just makes you feel happy and confident.
  4. A tailored for your figure dress.  For my shape (an apple), a pencil dress like this works well.  For an hour glass & pear shape, this one is a great look. 
  5. A feminine, and classic navy or favorite colored dress.  (I love this burgundy one.)
  6. Your basic black dress.


Where we live, a denim skirt can fill a lot of roles, but sometimes a girl gets tired of a basic denim skirt.  Sometimes, you work in a more professional environment and some dressier skirts are more appropriate.  Not only that, but when you mix your skirts and blouses in with your dresses, you end up with a rotation of over ten outfits for Sundays.

The skirts that I know are versatile and classic and we wear them regularly are:

  1. Knee length black skirt
  2. A bold skirt or two. Mine is a hot pink color.
  3. Knee length, gray pencil (or A line) skirt … or khaki if you prefer warmer tones.
  4. A long and flowy white skirt (or cream, pastel, linen … just something soft and feminine).
  5. Blue denim skirt
  6. Black denim skirt



I know that casual clothes are a touchy subject, and I am not asking you to compromise on something on which you are fully persuaded.  I am just going to acknowledge that there are some people who do not feel comfortable wearing pants, some only wear skirts and others feel fine with modest pants and knee length shorts.  (If you want to know my perspective on this, you can watch my video on that here.)  But, I am going to try to not exclude anyone in this post.

The casual clothes that I feel are versatile and will meet your everyday needs are:

  1. Blue denim knee length shorts
  2. Black denim knee length shorts
  3. Blue wide leg jeans
  4. Black wide leg jeans
  5. Black leggings with knit skirt combo, or
  6. Black joggers


Tops are where personality really comes into play.  I can say “personality tee” to my daughters and they come back with something completely different.  A blouse usually is very different for each person and depends upon their body shape.  So, with that in mind, I am just going to give you a brief idea of the types of tops that I love that go well in a basic wardrobe and then let opportunity, individual taste and God be your guide.  Also, as a side note, my skin tone does best with cooler colors, but if you do well with warmer colors, I listed the alternative color in the first item so you get the idea.


  1. Black (or navy), 
  2. White (or cream) – Great for stand alone & also to layer under cardigans in winter
  3. Gray (or tan) 
  4. Navy (or your favorite color).


  1. Navy (or fav color) long sleeve waffle, long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt
  2. Black (or navy) personality (or brand) sweatshirt, hoodie or long sleeve t-shirt.
  3. Gray (or tan) long sleeve waffle, long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt


  1. Bold long cardigan or statement sweater
  2. Gray (or tan) long cardigan
  3. White or cream perfect fit sweater


  1. White short sleeve or two to wear with black or gray skirt (or dress pants or jeans) & layering with cardigans.
  2. Gray (or tan) short sleeve to wear with black or white skirts or denim.
  3. Gray (or tan) long sleeve to wear with black skirt or denim.
  4. Black and white pattern (striped or polk-a-dots) short sleeve to wear with black, gray (or khaki), bold or white skirts & denim & layer with cardigan.
  5. Black and white pattern (striped or polk-a-dots) long sleeve to wear with black, gray (or khaki), bold or white skirts & denim.
  6. Black sleeveless 
  7. Black short sleeve like this or one like this.
  8. Black long sleeve or two
  9. Navy short sleeve to wear with white, gray or khaki skirt (or pants) and denim.
  10. Navy long sleeve to wear with gray, or khaki skirt (or pants) and denim.


Coats and jackets are an essential part of a wardrobe.  In fact, there are some months where that is what people see you wear more than anything.  Here are the classic styles of coats that I recommend for every female to build into her wardrobe.

  1. Zip up athletic hoodie
  2. Leather jacket or denim jacket
  3. Warm parka (long or standard)
  4. Fall / winter long trench coat
  5. Spring / summer trench coat


There are still some extra items like camisoles, pjs, hats, swim wear, under armor for camping / snow activities and work out clothes, but those aren’t necessary for every one.  I really think that if you are able to build these 42 pieces into your wardrobe, you will find you have enough to meet most situations.  If you have any favorite items, feel free to share in the comments.