Going to college is one of the first decisions you make when stepping out on your own.  Sometimes the choices seem overwhelming.  If you haven’t already watched my video series on “Living on a Single’s Income” I would start there, but once you have narrowed down if it is a Bible College you want to attend, you need some guidelines of how to see what options are right for you.


It might not seem like a major issue, but if you understand (or especially if you don’t understand) “Why The Evidence Shows That The King James Version Is God’s Preserved Word” , you might find yourself on shaky ground or in continual frustration if you go to a college that thinks:

  1. It is “just the best English version,” or that
  2. The topic isn’t worth making a big deal over, or that
  3. Someone who knows Greek has a fuller understanding of the interpretation of God’s word than someone who has the KJV Bible

One of the biggest foundational issues of life is knowing whether God preserved His word and therefore if there is a final authority.  Do some research and maybe ask some questions to some of their recent college graduates if you know any.


If you are going to college because you have a heart for the ministry, understand that there are a few different mindsets in Bible Colleges.   

  1. Church growth: How do you get people into your church, keep them in your church and administrate a church and ministries with a less emphasis on teaching Bible doctrine.
  2. Soul winning-ish (A lot of numbers, but not a lot of discipleship): Win souls.  Baptize them.  Win souls.  Baptize them.  A huge focus on evangelization, but not so much on Bible doctrine.
  3. Bible: Let’s teach the foundations of the Bible, dig deeper into Bible doctrine and teach you how to teach the Bible.

I want you to look and ask yourself what you to walk into the ministry knowing most.  Then choose a college that has that emphasis.  Very often it is more easy to recognize this if you look at the ministries / churches of their college graduates. 


I don’t know if you see a trend towards a Progressive Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) movement, but I explain the difference in this video.  The fact is it used to be that if you used the King James Bible then there were some things you could assume about your church.  One of the biggest differences was that most IFB churches took the doctrine of separation (2 Corinthians 6:14-18 KJV) and applied it to music among other things.

I share “What the Bible Says About Music” in a series on Youtube and I wish there was less apathy on the subject.  This is an area that changes Christians from the inside out.  I highly recommend you watch this series so that you can recognize for yourself the fruits of certain styles of music.  By their fruits ye shall know them.

That being said, I see a trend that some major Baptist colleges are not only dropping their stands on music, but also they are adopting soft rock beats and jazz rhythms into their services, radio stations and their college group recordings.   I also see their alumni completely dropping the Baptist distinction from their churches.  I can only speculate why.

Satan’s music is powerful and it will bare it’s fruits: sensuality, rebellion, violence, drugs & alcohol and demonic influence.   Beware of that trap and be careful not to be surrounded by it, especially when it is mixed with God’s word.  Then it feeds the spirit and the flesh simultaneously and is especially deceitful and addictive.


I share the biblical principles of being a steward of your finances in my book “Faith and Finance: Peace with or without Prosperity”  I share God’s view of unsecured debt (meaning loans that are not backed by collateral {the Bible’s word is “surety”}).  Also, Dave Ramsey has quite a bit to say about student loans.  His teachings line up with Scripture on this point.

It is possible to get an education debt free.  There are some ministerial Bible colleges that are very inexpensive.  But I wholeheartedly believe from Scripture that if you can’t go there without going into debt, than it is a closed door.  Praise God for closed doors!  They are mistakes we didn’t make.


If you are still feeling overwhelmed and haven’t watched that video series I mentioned at the very beginning of the post on “Living on a Single’s Income” it can be so helpful.  It gives you a step by step guide to taking that first step into financial independence.

I hope this was helpful.