Helping You Hold Fast to the Faith

One in faith and doctrine.  One in charity.

We started this ministry in 2007 when Rick wrote his first book “Roadmap Through Revelation” and Melissa produced her first album “Calvary Would Have Been Enough.”  Since then we have continued writing, teaching, recording educational videos & new music.

“One in faith and doctrine. One in charity.” is a line from Onward Christian Soldiers and it embodies our heart to unite around Bible doctrine while living with a spirit of charity and good works.   

As whole-hearted King James bible believers, we want to help Christians have confidence in the Bible as they are learning it,  and to be edified and encouraged by new music while knowing that it doesn’t compromise conservative convictions. 




Helping Children Love the Bible

Edutainment for all ages.

“In the very beginning of time, there were two kingdoms …”

This biblical fiction series reads like a novel and each story takes the reader back into time.  From creation, to the prophets, to Christ; children and adults alike will find fascinating nuggets pulled from Scripture and history to reveal the true battle between Satan and God in the battle for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Imagination is awakened as doctrine unfolds.



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Helping You Understand the End Times

A Best Selling Commentary Used in Classrooms Nationwide

With wit and drama, Rick made this an easy-to-read commentary.  The charts will make it easy for you to understand what happens when, and the “Left Behind” type stories really make it come alive.

It is truly a unique style that makes the Bible understandable at any level.





We are under the authority of our local church and Truth and Song is in agreement with their Statement of Faith.

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