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Are There Modest Shorts?

May 15th, 2018|

We are heading into spring and summer and I am looking at my wardrobe facing the same challenge I do every year; finding modest casual wear that isn't frying hot.  If you are like me and are concerned about modesty, you might be wondering "Are There Modest Shorts?"  This is something I have thought [...]

How To Receive Grace When You’ve Messed Up

May 8th, 2018|

"How do I get back up when I have messed up so badly?" That seems to be the question a lot of teens have.  Sometimes you just want to know that God won't be angry at you forever and this is when you need grace.  But is grace always there?  Find out in today's [...]

How to Get People To Listen To You

May 1st, 2018|

There are times when we desperately need someone to listen to us, but How Do We Get People To Listen To Us?  I will answer that question in today's bite size blog. Last week I talked about Why Submission Is Not Subjection and how that relates to women and teenage girls.  That left us [...]

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