Thy KINGDOM Come: The Promise of the King


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by Rick Schworer.

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Available in Kindle eBook

“The place wheron thou standest is holy ground.”

The same war waged against God from its first celestial battleground continues through time to follow a peculiar group to the land of Canaan, perhaps the bloodiest soil known to man.

The trembling and stalwart hearts of God’s men upon the mountains of Ararat, Moriah, and Sinai long for the realization of the Garden Promise, as the adversary does all to prevent its fulfillment.

Flawed individuals will be asked to do the unthinkable. Supernatural events will shatter the laws of nature. As God’s people embark upon a journey through a barren wasteland, oaths that warp the natural flow of history will both serve to protect and destroy them.

Welcome to the story of the kingdom of Heaven.

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