by Melissa Schworer

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An all-in-one guide for stepping out on your own spiritually. As you begin to decide what is true and why it is true, this six month devotional starts with relationships, dating, temptations and choosing a good husband and gives you Scripture for every decision you will need to make. 
It continues to show you how to cut through the black, white and gray areas in the Bible and be fully persuaded in what you believe and draw your own lines confidently from Scripture. Then it teaches how to express your beliefs with grace and respect. 
Even more, as you examine what is true and why you believe it, there is an entire section breaking down into bite-size pieces why the Bible historically and scientifically is different than any other book. You will know why you can intelligently put your trust in it. This is a must for those planning on attending college or being a witness to those around you. 
Written from a personal perspective to young women looking to pave their own path, Melissa truly expresses her care and concern and she shares her own mistakes to help you avoid making your own.Every Christian young women should own this.