Five Fs of Fashion - Truth and Song

The FIVE “Fs”: Fashion, Fit, Femininity, Function and Frugality

 My prayer and purpose for this topic is to strike that balance between being “in this world and not of this world” in regards to The FIVE “F’s”of Fashion: Fashion, Fit, Femininity, Function, and Frugality in a way that conforms to God’s word.

Please enjoy reading my philosophy and frustrations of fashion as it relates to being a child of God, and recognize the tongue in cheek humor to be just that; good humored fun.



The ever changing styles that we in some form or another are bound to because we live in this world. 

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The biggest obstacle to modesty is fit.  If you can find the right fit, you don’t have to pull up on your tank top, tug down on your skirt, look at your butt in the mirror hoping there is enough “slack in your slacks,” or wonder if what you are wearing is figure flattering or figure revealing.  Yet, there are not a lot of clothes made to FIT a Christian.  The solution to this is for what I am constantly working toward.

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God wants us to be feminine.  Regardless of what articles of clothing you are wearing, you should be feminine.  That is what the cut of clothing defines.  Yet a life changing moment for me was when I heard this advice from a wise “aged woman”, “Wear a skirt whenever you can.”  


This is where the call to appropriateness comes.  Skiing is NOT the place for a fun skirt.  Mowing the yard is NOT the place for a cute sundress.  Doing dishes is NOT a place you want to wear your Sunday best.  …

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Five Fs of Fashion - Truth and SongFrugality

This is a wise quote by Shirla Jones:  “… the goal is not to spend an excessive amount on clothes.  The goal is to look your best within your budget.”  I believe that when God says in Matthew 6:31-34 that we should take no thought about what we shall wear (stop worrying) and to seek ye first the kingdom of God (be faithful in tithes and offerings and give with simplicity by faith to those in need) that He will indeed provide for your needs, sufficient unto the day.  There is a balance between budgeting and faith.  When you need it He will provide it, and do your absolute best with what He provides.  Find that balance between spending needlessly and being miserly, knowing that you are not a beggar but a child of the KING.  Let me add this though, NO WHERE, NO HOW, does God “PROVIDE” with a credit card.  Stay out of debt.

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